About me


Hello, my name is Kimberly, you can call me Kim.  I am a mother and a wife, who transplanted from Chicago to the county.  Being in the country made me feel like getting back-to-nature, so I became a Master Gardener.  Gardening is my passion, when I have time you can find me in the garden or cooking from the garden.

The countryside has allowed me to slow down, enjoy life and embrace many new things, like being busy with children. We always encourage our children to explore.  So, this website is about our life’s explorations and all the cool things we learn.   I am always searching for ways to help our lives go a little more smoothly.  We would like to pass this onto others who are also striving to be better in life.  Not perfect, just better.  Follow along with us to explore what life has to offer, affordably and sensibly.  Thank you for stopping by.

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