Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Father's Day Momento Box

Some dads already have a lot of “stuff” so finding something to buy them for Father’s Day can be hard.  What if all those gifts that your child made dad had a place to go? Make dad a Father’s Day Momento Box.

The kids can create a box for dad to so he can keep special notes, gifts, and such. Every time he opens it he’ll be reminded of all the love you have shared with him over the years.

The box can be decorated with magazine cut-outs, stickers, pictures and other items your father enjoys. Put something special in the box to surprise your father when he opens it like a picture of you and him to put up somewhere during his day without you!

A Father’s Day Certificate.  Show dad how awesome he is with this free printable certificate.

father’s day certificate


Create a Love Note Jar.  Have your child create 7 Love Notes to dad and place in a jar dad can get his fingers in.  When he is having a rough day, he just needs to reach in and pull out a happy note from home.  😉

Thanks to the creative ideas from FamilyEducation.com

Teacher Appreciation!

vegtableplatterWhile trying to decide what to give my children’s teachers, I realized that they actually now change classrooms with several different teachers.  I wanted to make sure they all knew they were appreciated, but some where men and some women.  I wanted everyone to know that they do a lot for us all year long but a unisex gift is hard to find.

After thinking on this for a week, I realized that bringing in a party platter with snacks on it could satisfy all of them!  Party platters are great as you can have a diversity of items for everyone’s different tastes.  I started shopping around to see what a platter of veggies and fruit would run for 30-35 teachers and was surprised.  I guess I was still stuck in the 80’s on pricing!  I started to wander through the produce section and discovered they had prepackaged fruits and veggies.  I remembered I had some large platters packed away in that cabinet above the fridge, you know, the one most barely entered.  lol.

I purchased the fruit already cut up on platters with dip for around $9.00 for 12 servings each platter.  Then found bags of washed veggies, blocks of cheese and Ranch dressing in it’s own serving container.  I remembered tooth picks and plates as I was looking for my Thank you card, phew.

Arriving at home, I dug out my party platters and washed them up.  Cutting up the cheese and placing all my goodies on the platter took me 15 minutes max.  The cost to supply the 30-35 teachers with fruit, veggies and chocolate kisses cost me less than $50.00.  That is what it would have cost me for just 1 platter of veggies for 28 people, so I feel like I lucked out.

I know most people do not buy anything for their children’s teachers, but I really believe that they work really hard to make sure my kids are learning something!  I am usually emailing them a Ga-zillion times a year with questions and concerns and they always respond.  I think this is a small way to repay them for their dedication to their job and give them inspiration to carry on with the same gusto as they did the year before.  I guess I am kind of silly, but I want anyone who has contact with my children to know that we appreciate all the things they do to help to make the world a better place through education.

Thank you for your hard work and all the selfless things you do all year long!  Have a great summer!