Old Electronics for Cash

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It is that time of the year where most every parent starts thinking about Christmas presents.  I for one, start to think about what gifts would fit what person.  I am a techie-type person.  I love all the new gadgets and it seems I always fall for every new release. So obviously, when I hear about all the new updates for items the kids have, I start to think how I can obtain those things for the kids at reasonable prices.  I am not a Black Friday person.  My time and sanity are worth more than all the unhappiness that goes along with those deals.

All three girls have the Kindle 2nd edition.  Two of the girls have ipods, 4th gen.  They all have laptops provided by school.  Yeah!  All three have the old analog Disney TV’s in their rooms. There is also a mix of one iphone and two ipod nanos. The kids have items that they have had for years and I just can’t see adding another electronic device.  So I have been doing some research on replacing all these items with just one do it ALL device.  I want them to be able to take it with them, watch maybe Netflix or Amazon Prime, play some games and also do some light document editing and such.  I am not sure if they are too young to have a device worth $1000.00, so going with a tablet may be a little better.

I started looking at tablets as the replacement.  I think I have zoomed in on the Microsoft Surface 2 RT.  I like gadgets, but am in no way an expert on hardware aspects.  So I usually have to go to Best Buy and pick one of the salesman’s thoughts.  They do not work on commission so it seems I find my self there quiet often.  I ended up getting a credit card with them which offers 18 months free financing when spending certain amounts of money at their store.  This can definitely help with gadget Christmas presents!

I talked it over with my husband who agreed he did not want anymore gadgets in this house! My dilemma is what to do with the old gadgets?  I started looking into some places that take trade-in such as Amazon and Game Stop.  Game Stop offers you more if you apply your trade-in money towards an item they carry.  Good deal for those gamer kids! I did have to get past the thought that I paid $150+ on some items and they were now worth considerably less.  But, on the other hand I will get some money that can be put toward other electronic purchases for the kids this Christmas.  I don’t even have to leave my chair which saves money in gas.  Oh, by the way, I am also de-cluttering my home!

Simple but effective.  I even had some old cell phones that were still worth $10-$45. Those are now going too.  So far, my tally is up to $60.00 towards my Christmas presents’ fund. This maybe be just a lead into Craig’s List and ebay? Who knows, sometimes when you start to clean out the clutter, you just can’t stop, and the whole house will benefit from my trading in.