Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Father's Day Momento Box

Some dads already have a lot of “stuff” so finding something to buy them for Father’s Day can be hard.  What if all those gifts that your child made dad had a place to go? Make dad a Father’s Day Momento Box.

The kids can create a box for dad to so he can keep special notes, gifts, and such. Every time he opens it he’ll be reminded of all the love you have shared with him over the years.

The box can be decorated with magazine cut-outs, stickers, pictures and other items your father enjoys. Put something special in the box to surprise your father when he opens it like a picture of you and him to put up somewhere during his day without you!

A Father’s Day Certificate.  Show dad how awesome he is with this free printable certificate.

father’s day certificate


Create a Love Note Jar.  Have your child create 7 Love Notes to dad and place in a jar dad can get his fingers in.  When he is having a rough day, he just needs to reach in and pull out a happy note from home.  😉

Thanks to the creative ideas from FamilyEducation.com

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