Good-Bye Little Friend


Elvis 2007-2014

Well, today starts a new chapter in my family’s life.  Our little rabbit, Elvis (Lionhead Rabbit) passed away yesterday afternoon.  He seemed fine but the last few days, he was just out of character.  He was 7 and was getting to be a “little old man”.  But yesterday morning, he did not greet me like his usual self.  I thought it was weird but maybe he was tired?  When the kids came home, we noticed he had not moved from the same spot as he was in the morning.  I told the kids to take him out and check him over.  Within 20 minutes of the girls giving him love, he passed.  It was very hard to bear our kids emotions as they have not really experienced too much death.  Me on the other hand, I was shocked at how much I was upset over this little guy.

We all said our good byes and prayers for his little soul as we prepared him in a shoe box with a blanket.  The kids decided we should cremate him, so we got him ready.  My husband will take him today to be cremated and bring the ashes back home so we can still have him “with us.”

The reality of death hits everyone a little different, kids especially, as they are experiencing new emotions.  Our girls are raised a little sheltered from the raw reality of life.  They receive little snippets of it through school or the news, but for the most part, we just want them to be kids.  No cell phone craze, no Facebook, no plugged in on every electronic there is, just plain old kid fun, running in the yard, rolling down hills, fishing, looking for frogs, all the things kids SHOULD be doing. So I know this is part of life for them and me but it is very hard facing the fact that no more hugs and kisses. No more happy little face when you get home. Losing a friend, no matter how small, will always hurt you, which is another life lesson they have now learned. They reached out to their friends right away who also gave them comfort.  It teaches them to utilize their support system.

Having a dear little pet can teach kids more than love, it teaches them responsibility too. Responsibility of taking care of others before ourselves.  It can teach them to bond with others.  It teaches so much on so many different levels that the emotion when that little friend leaves is just so large.

We all will miss his little jump and twists that Elvis did when he ran around the house. We will miss him greeting us in the morning all silly.  We will even miss him when he would headbutt our hand because he did not want us in “his cage.”  But to lose your friend is a lesson we all need to experience and hopefully this will teach the girls that sometimes it is better for your friend to leave even when it will hurt you the most.

Good-Bye little friend, may God bless you.

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