Maleficent Movie Review

Maleficent 2014

Maleficent 2014

I consider myself pretty traditional.  I feel that children should not have to worry about killing, violence, every electronic, social media incident out there.  My children are informed on the dangers of doing certain things, but I want them to grow up being able to “just be a kid.”   Run, play, skip, jump, laugh, fish and catch frogs is the goal right now in life.  I know it sounds pretty sheltered, but why should they worry about life’s violent and hurtful side.  They will experience it for the rest of their lives, so it can wait a little bit.

So as far as movies, my kids are still watching PG-13 and under movies.  Some of my friends make fun of me because I still encourage them to listen to Radio Disney.  Who wants to hear a child sing inappropriate songs?  We watch movies together as a family and then discuss anything that was a little much.  So my reviews will tend to be open but know that we are discussing movie incidents afterwards.

Well, the kids talked me into seeing this movie with a group of their friends.  I thought perhaps it may be too violent, but actually turned out not too bad.  There were a couple of spots that were a little emotional with some violence, but these can be one of those things parents talk about when driving home from the movie.  Little kids I think will be scared or sad in a couple of spots.  We covered our eyes.  It was good not great.  We did like the lesson it taught, which was about revenge.

Maleficent was a kind girl who is taken advantage of and becomes mean.  She then takes revenge on Sleeping Beauty, who in turn helps her realize that she is the one who ultimately gets punished.  This movie does take people on an emotional roller coaster but it is a good lesson so we were able to move past the couple violent parts.

All-in-all, I think most ages would enjoy this movie because there is action, emotions and a lessons on greed and revenge.  We would recommend it but caution it for children under 7 as some parts are a little scary.  Have fun at the show!



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