Mommy’s Carnival Cruise


Ok my friends, this week I am on a Carnival cruise.  I am a traveler by nature, never able to stay in one place for long. So, when the opportunity arose for me to go on a cruise with friends only, I took it.  I have been wanting to take the family on a cruise so we can have some adventure without the driving.  We can all do our own thing and then do a ton of stuff together.  Alone (down time) time is important for everyone even kids, hence naps!

I am the guinea pig for this adventure.  My job is to scope it out to see if the kids would have fun and appreciate the cultures and sightseeing tours.  We are taking the ship Freedom to Domincan Republic, Grand Turks, Curacao, and Aruba.  Not to mention the beautiful sandy beachs and blue waters.  The temps should be about 80°. So I am taking one for the team.

When I get back, I will let you know how it turned out and if this is something a family with kids ages 9-13 could enjoy and/or afford.  Let’s face it, we like to go on vacation at least 3 times a year and I don’t want to eat all my budget on one trip!

See you in a week!



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