Original Tollhouse Recipe pre 1983

Tollhouse cookie recipe

Tollhouse cookie recipe


Hello my friends.  Today I pulled out the old cookbook compilation of recipes handed down from school, neighbors and friends.  Yes, I know, I should be looking through a family cookbook.  Well, I do have one, but a long time ago, I loved my friend’s mother’s cooking so much, that I would always beg her for her recipes.  I would lovingly place them in a special folder which I held onto for over 30 years! Crazy, a little kid of 11 asking her neighbor for recipes.

I am old school, old-fashioned and love to cook from scratch, when time permits.  I must say that over the years, when Tollhouse would advertise the “Original” recipe I would compare it to the one cut off the back of the package given to me in 1983.

Apprently Tollhouse updated the recipe in 1979 after Ruth Wakefield’s (the creator) contract was up with Nestle. They changed the shortening to all butter to get a chewier less crunchy cookie, but I like the taste better the original way.  So mine is actually the pre 1979 changed recipe. I have carried it around for 34 years making it numerous times.  Thank you Diane J, I know you thought I was a weird kid, but I love these cookies!

The recipe uses shortening, which the newer versions do not.  But lets face it, we cooked with more real food before the age of processed really got rolling.  Old-fashion works, we just have to have faith that our elders knew what they were talking about, and listen!  I hope you will try it and fall in love with it too!


Tollhouse cookie recipe

Tollhouse Cookies pre 1983



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