Protect Your Family From Enterovirus

Everyone is hearing about this all over the news.  The Enterovirus. Most people only get sick without getting dangerous.  It sounds pretty scary but there are so many things we can do to help kick it’s butt.  Here are some things to help:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water after visiting the bathroom, whether for yourself or others.

Handwash photo

2. Avoid close contact with sick people.  I know, but by giving everyone some room in line or school, etc, you will get in the habit to do this all the time.

3.  Spray your home, vehicle and frequently used/touched surfaces with disinfectant.  We have used Lysol for over 30 years in my family.

4.  Drink lots of water to help your body cleanse itself often.

5.  Remember to get the flu shot NOW.

I wait until all family members have left the home and then I spray everything at least once a week.  Cleaning with cleaners and rags don’t get into those tiny crevices like an aerosol can.

Also, when advised to wash your hands, they mean wash your hands with soap and water frequently.  Add a cool poster to the bathroom for children or have them make a picture to remind themselves!  Before and after you touch food.  Wipe down the shopping cart handle area, if possible.  After you leave a store, use hand sanitizer until soap and water.  Wash your hands constantly, but follow up with a good lotion or hand creme.  I like Mia Bath & Body lotion.  It contains tea tree oil, shea butter and plenty of other natural things to sooth dryness and kill some remaining germs.

 photo hand-washing-poster-5_zpsd38b36d7.jpg

Also, I have started my kids on Echinacea. But if not comfortable with that try adding Emergen-C powder to water or Airborne chewables.  Or, increase orange juice and/or fresh oranges for snacks in school lunches.  Orange juice in school lunches can make add a little energy in the afternoon slump.

This virus is something that most people can beat if you make healthy food choices and/or add in supplements.  Wash hands frequently.  Give people their space.  Drink plenty or water, not soda. Spray down often touched surfaces around your home and car with a disinfectant.  This should help keep any bugs down to a minimum and keep our immune system strong.

As usual, always do your research on things before providing them to children or ask your doctor or pharmacist.