Schedule Tip for Event or Activity

I love hearing about cool events for my family from friends or from the internet.  There has been a ton of information on things for us to do all times of the year and it usually is after the event has occurred.  I was writing down this events on pieces of paper and then losing them.  I wrote them on my calendar and would change calendars and not the information. Then the event would roll around again, and we were busy.  Darn it!

I just kept missing these events.  So, when I was entering in my schedule on my cell phone, I had an epiphany.  Why don’t I enter the event info in my phone and set a timer for a couple months before the event?

I have done this now for multiple things, like events, sales, and vacation bookings.  What a life saver sometimes.  So that is my totally goofy activity tip (after the event has passed) and you would like to attend the following year.

This year my little scheduler helped me get the girls and I signed up for The Color Run for $30 a piece.  So it even saved me money too.  Yay! Gotta love that.

2014 Color Run The Happiest 5K