Summer Free Fun

Yes, mothers it is that time of year again, when finding things for your kids to do without breaking the bank has come!  I will post things as I find them so we can all have a safe and affordable summer of fun!  Keep in mind also that they passes will give you something to do when raining or some can run into the winter months.


Kids Bowl Free

Kids Bowl Free 2 Games Daily

From their website you pick your state and then find a bowling alley close to home and sign up!  It is super easy.  The parents are usually not included but when signing up the kids, they usually offer a discount for the folks too.

kids skate free

Kids Skate Free Sign-up

This is the same as the bowling, but for roller skating.  This runs through winter.  This helped keep the kids from going stir crazy.  This is for free admission but usually runs about $4 for skate rental, if needed.

Museum Memberships:

I always find a museum membership at the lowest cost one which will then enable my family to get access to a lot of other museums through the ASTC  for free all over the country.  When we travel for camping, it can save a ton of money.  For a family of 5, it can cost close to $100.00 to just get into the museums.  This year we bought our annual passes at Discovery World.  It cost us about $85.00 for the 5 of us.  We know we are going to Chicago this year to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.  I checked on the prices already so I know it will cost $69.00. This is a great option for those of us on a budget.

  • $85.00 annual passes
  • -$73.00 for the 1 day using passes at Discovery World
  • -$69.00 for Museum of Science and Industry
  • $57 in savings

I will keep adding  to this list as I come across them.  If you happen to know of any that I can add to here, please let me know.  Thanks!  Talk to you soon.

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