Saving Herbs for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year when the frosts are getting colder and colder.  It’s time to cover your herbs like parsley and sage.  Covering these up for a little bit longer will ensure that you have fresh herbs for your turkey dinner and stuffing/dressing.  To help them stay a little longer there are many things that can be used.

  1. Old bed sheets
  2. Row covers protecting to 25°
  3. Old windows protecting to about 15° with all sides sealed
  4. No weed straw 8-12 inches deep

I am sure there are a ton more, but these are the ones I have used with success here in the cold Midwest.  The row covers can gently be laid right over most things growing in the garden.  The more delicate the herb or vegetable, the heavy or more enclosed the cover. This is a very easy way to install the row cover system so starting your garden next spring, is a breeze!

Row Covers for garden