Frosty Country Morning Pictures

I was driving the kids to school and came across this awesome photo op. I tried to get a picture with my phone, so I hope I did it justice. The frost was so heavy, it looked like a white paint dust just hovering about 4 foot from the ground. It was about 19┬░ outside at about 8am. I know I did not capture the frost well but I am in the process of learning how to take better photos. I would love for some of you to share your tips with me!
 photo 3bfb14bf-c8a0-4b7f-ad6b-2b84317a2afa_zpsfto1fg2o.jpg

This photo was of a farm that was heavily covered with the hovering frost!  Not sure if you can tell, but the frost is why the photos look so blurry in the background.


 photo 764bee84-fc07-4326-a642-1013b3de2ccc_zpsh7hdpnqb.jpg