Always Buy These 6 Processed Foods in Organic

Organic Breads

New Year, New Start.  We have all been there and continueto use these things because we sometimes need help in the kitchen. We have busy lives and so do our kids, so we can’t always make the best meals. In enters the processed box food. I complied a short list of “helper” foods to watch as we want to feed our families quality food but it can’t always be homemade. This list was explained more in depth on the Rodale Institute website if you want any more answers. I love the fact that Rodale just says it to you straight.  I know we don’t want to hear about doom and gloom, but some small changes can be made at least. I may not completely eliminate these things from our diet, but I can cut back or switch to organic on the foods we eat a lot.

Organic Cereal

6 Processed Foods to Buy in Organic

  1. Bread
  2. Cereal
  3. Pasta Sauce (tomatoes)
  4. Snack Foods
  5. Canned Chili
  6. Fozen Dinners

Here is the break down for each list item:

Bread has pesticides, the worst being organophospates malathion, which keeps the grain from being infested with bugs.  This is a dangerous chemical which can cause IQ problems and ADHD in people.  I also found some scary info for doctors on how to recognize if children have toxic levels from the University of Washington.

Cereal is basically the same as bread but also add in the GMO foods to the equation which can be 50-100% of the corn and/or soy used in the cereal.

Pasta sauce really comes down to the tomatoes, so I think that would include anything containing tomatoes like sauces, salsa and ketchup.

Snack foods contain flour (breads) which can have GMO and flour so this is the same as above.

Canned Chili is weird, but it is the can lining which causes hormonal problems and diabetes along with the pesticides on the tomatoes and beans.  Double whammy. Rodale says that we should not really eat anything out of cans, but I have noticed a growning number of manufacturers changing the lining on the organic food cans. So watch for that on your canned goods.

Canned Chili

Once again, this is not to scare anyone, this is just to remind people that the foods that we consume a lot of, should be looked at a little better.  Can you cut it out? Or reduce the amount? Or maybe switch the most used item to organic?

Our family has switched to organic in the things we eat a lot of like milk, yorgurt and cereal.  But we still eat the other things, just not as much.  🙂

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This list was adapted from Rodale Institute.