Pumpkin Party Favors

martha stewart paper-mache-pumpkin-favors

pumpkin favors


If you are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary for a party or school treats, looks no further.  Martha Stewart has some really clever ideas for this, including these awesome little favors.  You can get the instructions here.

  1.  small balloons
  2. orange and black tissue paper
  3. dilute glue
  4. pop balloon and pull out from hole
  5. fill with treats
  6. cover and glue with orange tissue

Halloween @ the Dollar Store


Halloween Wreath


It’s that time of year again, Fall!

Spooky, scary, and cooler. Changing leaves and football games. I love this time of year.

I also love decorating for the Spookiest Day – Halloween! I have about 4 large bins of decor, but honestly, who doesn’t like to change it up? So I am always on the lookout for DIY fast & afforable while mixing old and new. I saw a neat Halloween wreath on Pinterest and thought, I can make that very afforablly.

I went on down to my local Dollar Store and found a 12″ vine wreath for $1. They also had all their spooky decor for Halloween including their flower bouquets, you guessed it $1. I picked up 3 and ended up mixing two of them together by cutting off the individual stems. Can you see the cute little bats?


1. Configure the way you like.

I spray painted the wreath black with whatever I had left over in my spray paint collection (using it up and makin’ room). Laid it inside a box and sprayed in the sun. It dried up fast and Ta-Da, Spooky!

vine wreath

2. Spray paint black

I wove the long stems in between the vines so I did not have to get the hot glue out. I wanted this to be an under an hour kinda thing.  I hung it on my covered side door and, done and done.  If I am not happy with the design next year, I will just pop in at the local Dollar Store again and redo the decoration on the wreath. Or, donate it.  Final cost $3.00, leftover paint, wreath, 2 sets flowers.


3. Put it all together