Can You Save Money Cutting the Cable Cord?

Would you like to cut back monthly spending on the “unnecessary” kinds of bills? How about saving about $50-$70 per a month? Well, after reading an article at, we just may be able to do it.

We have been debating this dilemma for quite a while now.  We currently have 185+ channels and most are ones we have never watched.  The 60 NHL channels, the soccer channels, ethnic channels, 25 shopping channels, 20 news channels, and others.  I asked my provider to cut some of these down, but in doing so we lose DIY, HGTV, or kids’ channels.  I don’t want to cut those, I want to lose all the other bloated garbage that no one has ever watched.

So being forced to not only be locked in for 24 months, I also have to have all these other channels intermixed with our most watched ones.  All of this costs me $105.00 for 2 rooms of TV with NO Premium Movie Channels!  Yuck.

Amaxzon Fire Stick

I did order the Amazon Fire Stick to test the waters of streaming without spending a lot of money.  We had a satellite box in a third room (costing us $112.00 per month for 3 rooms) which has now been replaced with the Fire Stick.  I can say we have switched quite a bit of our night time viewing over to Amazon and Netflix through the Fire Stick.

While reviewing how to cut the cable with an article from Money, I actually found a couple of sites that help you with running the numbers of cutting the cord.  In both, I save $60-70 per a month while I have to still spend $53.00 for high speed internet to do streaming.  So that is a savings of $780.00 per a year!  Unfortuntely, I am still in a contract for 9 months but we are probably going cable-less after that.  offers the chance to compare what your bill is now to what it could be with alternative tv.  This was pretty neat to actually see in numbers. offers something similar to with more of a visual comparison. This site helped me realize the many channels we do not watch on cable/satellite tv.

The article brought up a new option which is Sling TV.  For $20.00 per month, you get sports, DIY, food and kids’ channels without the cable box expense or a 24 month lease. In order for us to get all the channels we watch, it would run us $30.00 per month, versus the current $103.00.  Um, that’s $70.00 PER MONTH!  We are going to call the satellite company to see what it would cost to buy out our contract.  Maybe we would still be in the positive even paying a penalty?  Sling TV is offering a free Fire Stick or Roku Stick with a 3 month trial of their service. Nice way to try it out and if you don’t like it, still stream other free TV options.  Good deal.  We like our Fire Stick, and now we can just add the Sling TV prgramming to it.


Well, any way you look at it, it seems like we will finally be able to cut the cost of TV.  I hope this helps your family save a little more each month, while just cutting out the bloated overage of channels and fees.