Halloween @ the Dollar Store


Halloween Wreath


It’s that time of year again, Fall!

Spooky, scary, and cooler. Changing leaves and football games. I love this time of year.

I also love decorating for the Spookiest Day – Halloween! I have about 4 large bins of decor, but honestly, who doesn’t like to change it up? So I am always on the lookout for DIY fast & afforable while mixing old and new. I saw a neat Halloween wreath on Pinterest and thought, I can make that very afforablly.

I went on down to my local Dollar Store and found a 12″ vine wreath for $1. They also had all their spooky decor for Halloween including their flower bouquets, you guessed it $1. I picked up 3 and ended up mixing two of them together by cutting off the individual stems. Can you see the cute little bats?


1. Configure the way you like.

I spray painted the wreath black with whatever I had left over in my spray paint collection (using it up and makin’ room). Laid it inside a box and sprayed in the sun. It dried up fast and Ta-Da, Spooky!

vine wreath

2. Spray paint black

I wove the long stems in between the vines so I did not have to get the hot glue out. I wanted this to be an under an hour kinda thing.  I hung it on my covered side door and, done and done.  If I am not happy with the design next year, I will just pop in at the local Dollar Store again and redo the decoration on the wreath. Or, donate it.  Final cost $3.00, leftover paint, wreath, 2 sets flowers.


3. Put it all together