Vacation Plant Watering

 watering bottle

OK, so I am already running through my list of things to do for our camping trip in May.  All the things that need babysitting at “the house.”  One of them is my container plants.  My plant and garden waterer went off  to college and the new season is starting.

I read in Garden Gate Magazine about a woman who uses a bag with holes and places ice cubes in there.  She puts it the bag out in the morning and it slowly waters the area.  Well, I have plastic bottles from pop.  My dog loves to play with these, but I think I can sneak a few from him.

The bottles can be any size but should equate to the size of the area.  I poked holes in the lid with a small nail, as many as the lid could take without being one big hole.  Be careful. I filled the bottle up with water stuck the cap on and placed it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, I placed the bottle under the plant area in a slight indention with the lid on a dowward slant  and wala! I know there are some out there where you just shove the lid side into the soil, but mine always gets plugged up with soil.

I believe my problem is solved for the season.  I will try this a few more times before vacation but it seemed to work well!

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